Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Tenderman's View

In the sidebar, I included tenders from Columbia River, Puget Sound, as well as Alaska. A lot of the fleets when I was tendering were previously PAF vessels, and the AFU had branches in Astoria and even San Francisco. I guess I'm presenting a tenderman's view, rather than creating a company history. NEFCO is my point of departure, but it would be fun to hear from others. Like myself, I imagine some worked for more than one outfit over the years.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Into the Mist

New England Fish Company was one of the largest salmon cannery operations around, when I was growing up. I later worked as a mate and captain on their tenders out of La Conner WA, Cordova AK, and Ketchikan AK. Then in 1980 they went belly up and I haven't been able to find hide nor hair of their existence online, except for one photo of the Orca cannery just outside Cordova.

I'm hoping by starting this weblog--named after one of their former vessels I skippered for Independent Fishermen's Packing Co. of Anacortes WA--that I'll manage to come across others who might know of photographic or bibliographic repositories I might contact. Maybe we can even share some stories about this outfit that just vanished into the mist.

Meanwhile, I'll post some of my favorite vessel photos in the sidebar for old-timers to enjoy.